Road Biking. Redefined.

Every Zeitgeist Road Bike is designed from the ground up to deliver best-in-class performance and speed. Hand-built frames from Detroit, the Zeitgeist Road redefines power. You'll feel the difference, from the steepest climbs all the way to the podium.

Faster than ever before

The Zeitgeist Road bike redefines speed. Designed to take you to your destination as fast as possible, speed is at the heart of the design, whether you're biking to work or training for your next race.

It just works

The aluminum alloy frame was hand-crafted in Detroit so you don't have to worry about getting to your destination. Using top-of-the-line metals and processes, you're Zeitgeist Road will always be ready to tag along on your next adventure.

Light enough to carry anywhere

The Zeitgeist Road isn't just for the athletes of the world. Weighing only 26 kilograms, the bike can easily be transported anywhere you go.


Nibh Elit Tristique


Aenean Condimentum


Quam Inceptos



Freedom has never felt better.

The Zeitgeist Road will take you on your next great adventure, no matter where. Simply show up and let the Zeitgeist Road do the rest.

Zeitgeist wants to be the Warby Parker of electric bikes.

Joshua Home

Tech Crunch

Zeitgeist's electric bike claims aims to distinguish itself on design and range

Elizabeth Lopatto

The Verge

A lightweight, fast, attractive electric bike?Ā Zeitgeist powers up campaign for 'futuristic mobility device'

Kurt Schlosser


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